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What would it feel like to re-energize your business starting today without adding another thing to your to-do list?


  • Waking up eager to start your work day
  • Being a part of a conscious creative community that understands your business journey
  • Popping into a yoga class anytime you need it
  • Having a space that you are proud to invite clients to
  • Growing in an environment that supports you
  • Accelerating your business at your own speed 

All for less than what you are currently spending to work in coffee shops

We're so excited to announce that for a limited time, we're offering 50% off your 1st month of membership at Soma Vida when you purchase a 3 month Work Well Connect Membership 

The Work Well Connect Membership is thoughtfully priced at only $95 per month!!! This means that when you take advantage of this offer, you're receiving 3 months of coworking for less than $250 !!!

It's called the Serendipity Spring Special, and we can't wait for you to fall in love with your business again or love it even more!

Ever wish you could write off a gym membership as a business owner? While in most cases you can NOT write off a gym membership, you CAN (and should) write off coworking... 

What if that coworking included daily yoga classes?  


Just imagine all the possibilities!***This membership level gives you access to  6 coworking passes + 6 yoga classes, EVERY MONTH. Yep, that's right folks, a $200+ value right there and you are only paying $95 a month. PLUS you receive all sorts of additional work life perks, special events and rental discounts!***

To tap into what we call the “Soma Vida focused flow” and redeem all those amazing work life perks we mentioned, click below to get started.

Want to try it out for the day first? Book your tour experience and a stay for a free day of wellness coworking.
Here’s what current members and clients are saying…

"When I talk to other therapists about self-care, I describe walking out of a 50 minute talk therapy session into the yoga studio across the hallway.  Between Kundalini yoga, Compassion Yoga, and Acoustic yoga, I get my self-care with ease"

- Laura Jo, Social Worker, Partner Member

"Do you ever have a lovely spa experience and wish you could stay forever? What if it could be your daily workplace? SomaVida offers just that fantasy come true. It’s a place for unicorns and magic — and getting shit done! Laura and her team have created a space for all your aaaahs ... and your ahas!"

- Daryn, Coworker, Retreat Participant 

"Beautiful coworking space and collaborative environment. Been seeking something like this for long time--- and Laura and team rock it!

Maria, Ayurveda Practitioner